Valves and parts

Parts and new valve deliveries

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Valves and Parts

Our warehouse

The Veenstra Group has a large warehouse of valves and parts in Coevorden. With a large quantity of different types of valves and parts the Veenstra Group is often capable of quickly repairing or replacing valves, therefore avoiding the many months of delivery time that usually is unavoidable when ordering a new part or valve.

Our warehouse is furthermore build to make sure all parts and valves are stored under perfect conditions.

Valves and Parts

The Veenstra Group

The Veenstra Group consist out of prominent companies with an international outlook and an outstanding reputation in the development, engineering and manufacture of equipment and systems for the processing industry.
Our companies specialized in Industrial Maintenance boasts comprehensive experience when it comes to planning, performing and implementing all kinds of assembly and service tasks.
Our comprehensive service portfolio and the related engineering services enable us to offer customized solutions. All services correspond to the latest state-of-the-art and are performed in accordance with the applicable national and international rules and standards.
Our staff's qualifications and experience warrant high quality and adherence to time schedules even under the most difficult conditions.

With World-wide experience and activities the Veenstra Group companies concentrate on the development and manufacture of components, installations and complete handling and processing systems for the following industries:

- Bulk
- Food and dairy
- Pharmaceutical
- Paint and fine chemical

Our companies in Industrial Maintenance are specialized in service jobs World-wide in mainly the oil- and gas industry onshore and offshore.